Madden Steel Inc.

Sluice boxes allow for surging where other concentration methods do not. There are hundreds of years of proven results with sluices, especially with new technologies incorporated into their design.

Big Red Gold Sluice Box

High gold recovery rates, simple to maintain

Gold recovery is accomplished via gravity separation, which works extremely well because gold has a specific gravity of approximately 19 while sand and gravel have a specific gravity of approximately 5 to 7.

Big Red Gold Sluice Box

This sluice box is a 16 foot by 40 foot, multi-stage step down gold sluice box was designed with our typical computer aided software and mathematical equations that we use for all gold recovery systems. We also incorporate any new proven scientific discoveries and work side-by-side with specialists, like Freddy Dodge, who has more fine gold recovery experience than most any one person in the world. This particular sluice box was built for the TV series Gold Rush and shown in season three episodes. When in its design stage, Freddy thought we should nickname it "Big Red" and the name stuck.