Gold recovery is accomplished via gravity separation, which works extremely well because gold has a specific gravity of approximately 19 while sand and gravel have a specific gravity of approximately 5 to 7.

When operating a wash plant using jigs, the typical process to achieve recovery rates of 90 to 98 percent should be done in a step down concentration method. The first step is to process ore through a roughing jig. Second step, process its concentrate through a cleaner jig. The third step is to process its concentration through our Enhancer or a roughing table. Then the final separation is processed across the Xtruder table.

Duplex Gold Jigs

Our 50-inch duplex gold roughing jig. As a concentration unit, it has a capacity up to 56 tons, or 37 cubic yards, of solid materials per hour. Its water consumption rate is 150 to 300 gallons, or 5.67 to 1134 liters, per minute. The unit has the capability to recover gold down to 400 mesh, or 37 microns, while accompanied with a cleaner jig and finishing equipment. A typical installation of this unit would be installed with our 100 tons per hour wash plant be cause the jig only receives 1/2 inch or smaller material, which can be about 40 to 50 percent of the wash plant total input.

Duplex Gold Roughing Jigs

Achieve recovery rates of 90 to 98 percent.

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