Sluice Boxes

Our sluice boxes come in single, double, and quad configurations. We use computer aided design to ensure maximum fine gold recovery rates. We structurally reinforce our sluices to ensure that they endure years of work. MSI has many standard sluices available, but we always try to custom design each plant's sluice to meet each mine sites particular requirements to achieve the highest recovery rates possible. We mathematically configure size, slope, widths, feed rate, velocity and spread ratios to accommodate each site.

Gold recovery is accomplished via gravity separation, which works extremely well because gold has a specific gravity of approximately 19 while sand and gravel have a specific gravity of approximately 5 to 7.

Sluice boxes allow for surging where other concentration methods do not. There are hundreds of years of proven results with sluices, especially with new technologies incorporated into their design.

Gold Sluice Boxes

High recovery rates, simple to maintain, and no operation specialists needed.

Madden Steel Inc.