Madden Steel Inc.

Results will vary depending on screens, water, and material conditions. Note that generators and water pumps are available, but at an additional cost.

T5 Portable Gold Trommel Wash Plant

Up to 100 tons per hour, portable, quick to setup, and high recovery rates.

Nugget Trap Features

Discharge Conveyor Features

With the machine properly equipped with screen sizes and even fed material, the wash plant was able to achieve up to 102 tons per hour. We rate this machine between 75 to 100 tons per hour with: 60% of material 3/8-inch and smaller, 25% of material 1 and 1/2-inches to 3-inches, 15% of material 3-inches or greater, and 1,260 gallons of water per minute.

Our trommel includes a discharge conveyor, which has the following features: hydraulic driven, folds up in seconds for transport, moves oversized material away from unit to allow placement of stacker conveyor, and longer fold up sections available.

Our trommel includes a specialize chassis which has the following features: utilizes wide flange high tensile beam, four point hydraulic leveling system, independent 12 volt hydraulic power pack, oversized axles with eight bolt hubs, electric brakes on all all axles, over rated 10-ply tires, vibratory screen and grizzly fold down in seconds to transport in overseas shipping container, and can be towed with class 4 to 5 pickup (450, 4500, 550, 5500).

Our trommel includes sluice boxes, which have the following features: 6 by 14 foot sluice boxes with center divider to maintain riffle hold down, hydraulically folds up for transport in seconds, each box can be hydraulically leveled to a different pitch to obtain maximum recovery, and all chutes prior to sluice have replaceable wear liners.

Trommel Features

Chassis Features

Our trommel includes a nugget trap, which has the following features: material moves across a nugget trap prior to entering trommel, 30 to 40 percent of gold is caught here, and holds down for easy cleaning.

Sluice Boxes Features

Our trommel design uses a 12 sided polygon, 46-inch diameter drum, and 9 foot pre-scrub area with reinforced drive rings. Polygon design allows maximum break up of materials. Plant is designed to operate on a level surface or at a single degree slope. By design, the machine requires material flytes, which move material and adds additional mixing and breaking action. Using the polygon design, replacement parts do not have to be rolled.

Our trommel design uses urethane screens with tapered relief holes, which we recommend. It has replaceable wear plates in all wear areas, including flytes. Urethane screens almost eliminate plugging issues, which often haunt trommels. Urethane life can be up to 10 to 15 times that of steel. Screens can be changed in minutes, instead of days or weeks. Trommel design allows for flat steel punch plates, if desired.

Our trommel drive features: a four-point live drive system, fully hydraulic operation, full variable speed control, oversized gearboxes, oversized bearings, oversized shafts, and Internal spray tube with interchangeable brass spray nozzles for final rinsing action.

Our 100 tons per hour portable T5 gold trommel design incorporates a hydraulic folding design so that it can be shipped in an overseas shipping container without disassembly. It has a full power four point drive system, which eliminates the chain drive, and has a full variable speed control. Testing showed that some of the biggest complaints with trommels is screen blockage, so we have taken and installed full urethane tapered relief octagon screening media to help eliminate this issue, an expensive but needed adaptation. Another advantage with this screen media is it has 10 to 15 times the life of steel. Additionally, the screen media snaps into place which takes only minutes instead of days, or even weeks, as with other systems.

Our trommel includes a vibratory feeder, which has the following features: a horizontal design allows for longer scrubbing action, dramatically lowers feed height, bolt in wear plates for easy replacement, hydraulic driven, full variable speed control, independent spray bars, each spray bar has its own valve and interchangeable brass spray nozzles, and can use either tapered grizzly bars or punch plate in screening area.

Grizzly Features

Field Testing

Vibratory Feeder Features

Our trommel includes a grizzly, which has the following features: radio controlled hydraulic dumping, remote control similar to a garage door opener, allows loader operator to stay in his machine, fold up wings to allow more volume and help eliminate spillage, and feed area has a built in back wall.